Academy Director: Mr. Fred Urquhart

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameMr. Urquhart
Course(s) TaughtGame & Sim. Foundation
Period Taught1,2

Gaming & Simulation Design

Gaming- Years 1-4

6, 7
Ms. Laloo

Ms. Obaido

Mr. Benito
Algrebra 1, 2

Mrs. Della-Cruz
Algrebra 2

Mr. Stanton
Honors & Calculus

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects (Robotics Competition)
Curriculum In Action:
The track that the robots moved through.

Check for UHS-received.JPG
UHS receives a check from the VMA's Robotic Contest on 10-3-12.

UHS Fred's robotic class.JPG
UHS Gaming & Simulation Class

UHS Hydromantic.JPG
UHS students working on a robot.JPG
Students working on robot.

Curriculum In Action:
UHS Robotics 2013 015.jpg
Students explaining robotics and engineering to peers from other high schools at the Technology Symposium hosted at the News Journal Center in Daytona.

Standard 2: Career Focus

Students designed and produced L.E.D. circuits for costumes.

Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee
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Standard 5: Enrollment
Data pulled by the District (application)
Standard 6: Pure Schedule
Data pulled by the District
See DeVito
Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
30 Hours Collaborative Planning completed during Summer Workshop (June, 2012). Balance of hours recorded in Planning Log Book, available from the Academy Director upon request.

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Standard 8: Staff Development
Data pulled by the District
ICW meetings.
Standard 9: Articulation
Currently under negotations with DeVry University.
Areas of articulation High School Showcase, Sneak Peek, Registration, visits to feeder
middle schools (Deltona Middle School & River Springs Middle School) and Showcase at River Springs Middle School.

Articulations with Embry-Riddle University at VMA.
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
students at work 006.jpg
Seniors building a mineshaft mock-up for freshmen to test and map with their robots.
students at work 005.jpg
Seniors building a mineshaft mock-up for freshmen.

Work Based Learning
  • Robotic Competitions
    • Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • Orlando, FL
    • Nice, FL
    • Altamonte Springs, FL
    • Port Orange, FL
    • Hosted a USFIRST Robotics FTC competition for 14 visiting teams here at UHS
  • Military and Emergency Services Day & Expo
    • Helicopter Pilots
    • EMS
    • Pilots
    • Firefighters
    • Paramedic
    • Volusia Co. Hazmat Team
    • Marines
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
    • Coast Guard
    • Exposure to colleges, including Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Devry University and Daytona State College
  • Showcases
    • River Springs Middle School
    • Volusia County High Schools at the Fairgrounds
  • VMA Robotics Competition
  • Navy focus and connection through the SeaPerch competition
  • Air Force focus and connection through the Mini Urban Challenge competition
  • UHS Video Game Club hosted 2 fund raising video game tournaments
Field Trips
  • News Journal Center for STEM Symposium-dual representative…everyone else present was in college
  • USFIRST Robotics representative from the Executive Board -Mr. Eric Halleus has spoken at great length to the students about his career and work experiences.
    • Field trip for Robotics to Niceville, FL
    • Field trip for Robotics to Orlando, FL
    • Field trip for Robotics to Ft. Lauderdale, FL
students at work 004.jpg
Seniors examining and writing Game Design curriculum based on "League of Legends" for next years Sophmores.

Standard 11: Capstone Project

Standard 12: Marketing
UHS Gaming & Simulation at High School Showcase.JPGHigh School Showcase Cover.png

VMA Sign of Robotics Competition and rules Oct. 2012.JPG
Final Evaluation: